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Interpacific Asset Management currently manages a wide variety of commercial properties, from retail centers, to industrial parks, to office buildings and mobile home parks. We strongly believe in providing only the most efficient and professional service possible to each and every owner and their tenants.

Interpacific is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), which is a division of the National Association of Realtors, through which our property managers gained their designation “Certified Property Manager” (CPM). Interpacific is very proud to be an Accredited Management Organization (AMO), which means that it has met the highest standards of integrity, experience, education, accounting principles and insurance requirements set forth by IREM. Worldwide, there are only about 700 firms that have met these requirements. This makes selecting an AMO in your best interest for assurance that professionals with integrity and experience will manage your property.

Our Management Program Includes:

  • Goal Establishment. We will meet with owners to fully understand and implement short-term and long-range goals for the property.
  • Property Inspections. Our property managers will conduct regular and thorough inspections to ensure that your property is in top condition.
  • Repairs and Maintenance. We provide quick and effective resolution to service requests and have trained personnel to respond to and follow up on all requests. We also provide a summary of all work orders in the monthly reports.
  • Fiscal and Accounting Services. Interpacific will provide monthly financial statements tailored to each owner’s needs, and prepare a yearly budget. We utilize effective collection practices which maximize collection of rents, common area maintenance impounds, and escalations.
  • Leasing and Tenant Relations. We will negotiate new leases, renew existing leases, and provide lease administration ensuring that escalations, common area maintenance charges, pass-throughs, and other lease provisions are collected and enforced. We will institute procedures against tenants who fail to meet obligations of the lease contract, and will respond to tenant inquiries and maintenance requests. A happy tenant is a loyal tenant!
  • Environmental Management. If reducing energy expenses in today’s uncertain energy market appeals to you, we can help. We are familiar with the installation and operation of all types of energy management systems for a variety of applications. We are also familiar with asbestos, toxic mold remediation, water quality and other important environmental issues.
  • Market Surveys. We can provide market surveys to ensure you are getting the most competitive rate for your property.
  • Disposition. We will assist in the marketing and sale of your property.

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We Deliver Comprehensive Management Services

We are your support team for the smooth, reliable and profitable management of your commercial property and residential property.