Community Associations

Interpacific Asset Management currently manages a wide variety of community associations, from very small condominium complexes with only a few units, to large highrises and planned communities. We strongly believe in providing only the most efficient and professional service possible to each and every association and its members. Our utmost goal is to provide excellent service to all of the associations we manage.

Interpacific is a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM), which is a division of the National Association of Realtors through which our property managers gained their designation “Certified Property Manager” (CPM). Interpacific is very proud to be an Accredited Management Organization (AMO), which means that it has met the highest standards of integrity, experience, education, accounting principles and insurance requirements set forth by IREM. Worldwide, there are only about 700 firms that have met these requirements. This makes selecting an AMO in your best interest for assurance that professionals with integrity and experience will manage your association.

Interpacific Asset Management is a Management Firm Council Member of the California Association of Community Managers (CACM), through which we help to keep your association abreast of the latest changes in state legislation and precedent-setting decisions in common interest development lawsuits. Many of our managers have earned the Certified Community Association Manager (CCAM) certification that is given by the California Association of Community Managers, or are in the process of obtaining this prestigious certification. Our staff also includes a full accounting department and customer service support staff necessary to give you the best possible service.

Our Management Program Includes:

  • Board Member and Homeowner Communication. Interpacific provides timely and educated responses to all board member and homeowner inquiries.
  • Board Meeting Attendance. We attend board meetings, supervise annual elections and prepare meeting minutes and board packages.
  • Financial Management. Includes homeowner invoicing and monthly financial statements. In addition, we aid the association with the preparation of the annual budget, reserve studies, and the levying of special assessments. Interpacific prides itself in accurate, timely and understandable financial reports.
  • Insurance. Interpacific will assist the association in acquiring required insurance coverage, including property, liability, directors and officers, workers compensation and fidelity bond.
  • Repair and Maintenance. We provide quick and effective resolution to service requests and have trained personnel to respond to and follow up on all requests. We also provide monthly summary reports on all work orders.
  • Administration and Record-Keeping. Interpacific organizes your documents into an HOA-specific filing system and retains all records for the association.
  • Calendar of Events. We prepare a calendar with due dates for the annual mailings, budget, insurance renewal, reserve study, annual audit and any required dissemination to the members. This aids the association in keeping in compliance with Civil Code requirements.
  • Liaison to Legal Representation. Interpacific will interface with the associations’ attorney and assist the association in assessment collection cases, lawsuits involving violations of the governing documents, obtaining legal opinions, and construction litigation.
  • California Civil Code Requirements. We help to ensure that all legal requirements are met. This involves training and educating our managers in the ever-changing laws affecting California associations.

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